Summer camp of Doom!!!

4th night

The Pc’s having broken into the school building but finding nothing interesting decide to explore the camp further. climbing out of the window the kids find their visibility is severely limited by a dense fog which has descended on the camp. the glare from the fire also prevents them from seeing past the fire to the huts. they are chased across the grounds by something unseen in the fog. Ninja girl hits it with a throwing star producing a wet thunk but no other reaction.

4th day

upon waking everything seems normal apart from one child is missing from one of the other huts. the Pc’s hear an ear piercing scream from across camp and move with the crowd and teachers to investigate. when they reach the boat house the teachers are keeping the children back and several are trying to avoid being ill. the ninja in training decides to climb the boat house to get a look at what is going on. what she sees is vile and disgusting she nearly goes mad with fear and loses her footing on the roof. falling quite a way and knocking herself out in the process. the children are taken to the campfire where they roast smores. As it gets dark the Pc’s slip away from the fire and explore the school building where they find nothing of note.

3rd night

Two children awaken together hearing noises outside of their hut. they try repetitively to wake the other members of their hut but are unable to get a response even from the group mentor. even physical attacks don’t awake them. the lights in the hut begin to dim and the girls start to panic. their screaming wakes up Ron in the next hut over. who looks outside and sees deep shadows gathering around the girls hut. responding to his fear of the darkness he creates some magical lights. the lights create pools in the shadows which press against the barrier. Ron places his light near the door of the girls hut. but the shadows notice him and swarm his hut. he creates two more lights and uses them to cross to the girls hut, where they all stay huddled together in the light untill morning comes and the shadows depart.

Second night and 3rd day

Nothing much happens the children play games and generally have a good time.

Day 2

The children play games and have a history of Gaia lesson. Groups of children begin to form as they start making friends.

First night

The first night one of the players is woken by strange noises outside of her hut but decides not to investigate and goes back to sleep eventually.

Day 1 Summer Camp

The children arrive at the camp from all over Gaia nearly 50 of them. This is the first time anything on this scale has been set up in gaia for children. The Children mostly come from rich and powerful backgrounds but there were some sponsored places and a couple of stow aways. The first day the children spent playing games and getting to know each other the staff and the camp.

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